sometimes all you need is

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when you are young

you don’t think about change

you live in the same boring place, go to the same boring school,see the same boring stores

I wonder if that is still the same for younger people

we have had so much change in our area in the past 30 years

I remember my Grandfather saying that Campbell Co had probably changed more in his lifetime than in the past 1000 years.

Now we can tell one’s age by the landmarks they remember- calling something by an old name- Cut in the Hill,  Underpass,Martin’s, Campbell County ( always referred to the High School), Neltners, wagon Wheel Bridge,The Fill, Riverside Drive, Roy Rodgers, Dunkin Doughnuts, The Pike, Pike 27, The Shopping Center,(there was only one),Hilltop, Peyton Place, pick a bakery- Shirley Mae, Manyet’s, Weideman’s,  TriCity Yacht Club, the Pink Pussycat, Green Derby,the Vets, Belle acres, Alberts, Woolworth’s, OLP, NC, The Projects, the list goes on and on…

Robin Red Breast

lil robin

On a cold, grey, winter’s afternoon, few sights lift my spirits quite as much as a robin, hopping across my lawn and showing off its lovely red breast.

Occasionally, it’ll fly up to a post and deliver its delightful song, cheering me even more. But when snow and ice covers the ground, the robin will be the first to come to our back door in search of a handout.

Indeed, robins look to us for sustenance during cold spells, as their natural food of earthworms and other invertebrates can be hard to find.